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About Morodadi Prima

Many factors determine the results and quality of vehicles produced in the carroserie industry. Amongst those are quality of the chassis, the chassis manufacturer and goverment regulations about passengers safety. Last but not least, the Body Builder technique is by far the most important determining factor.

The appropriate technology, supported by competent and committed human resources are the main factors that determine the success of the carroserie. Hence, it is through the commitment of highly dedicated employees that P.T. Morodadi Prima is able to produce high quality vehicles for more than three decades.

We thank you for giving us your trust which enables to pursue a higher level of standard for our vehicles.

Message From President Director

"There is no success without sacrifice and hardwork" This way my philosophy when I first started the company.

My background in Arts, added by my interest in automotives, were the driving force from which PT Morodadi Prima was built upon. It then grew to become one of the oldest carroseries in the country. The company is guided by the motto of honesty, discipline, accuracy and persistence.

To provide a comfortable working environment, I have cultivated a familial relationship with my employees. This result in their high dedication and commitment to the company.

In addition, your trust and satisfaction have encouraged us to continue improving our standards to meet the demands of the society for a strong, safe and comfortable vehicles.

Lie Bambang Gunawan

President Director

History of The Company

P.T. Morodadi Prima started out from business partnership headed by Mr. Lie Bambang Gunawan, a businessman who graduated from the fine Arts Academy. In 1964, its first location was at Jl. Peltu Sujono, Malang with a small vicinity and simple facilities, producing old model buses, Minibus T 100 and classic L300.

The minimal facilities and simple operational system did not hold back the progress of company. In 1978, the company officially became independent and was aptly named Morodadi Carroserie. Its name "Morodadi" means "Trust" between the customers and the company. If you come (MORO) and trust us to build your vehicle, you will get a high quality product (DADI). The Lions in our logo are taken from the symbol of Singosari Kingdom which symbolizes high spirit and good work ethics.

Indonesia's rapid economic growth made it possible for Morodadi Carroserie to change into a limited company(PT). In December 1993, it officially changed its named to P.T. Morodadi Prima. The range of products had continously evolved by producing various vehicles such as ambulances and broadcasting cars. The design specification and technology had also evolved, as could be seen from the production of bus "Banteng" and "Patriot", which represented the strong and sturdy trademark of Morodadi Prima.

For more than three decades of growth, a lot of trust had been gained from the society as well as the Indonesian goverment. P.T. Morodadi Prima is continously working to produce strong, safe and comfortable vehicles.

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Mercedes Benz Certificate # BBA-002/12

On August 31st, 2010, PT Morodadi Prima received certificate no. BBA-002/12 from Mercedes Benz, acknowledging that PT Morodadi Prima has successfully passed all Quality Gate Assessment from: Design, Engineering, Production Process and Complete Bus Sign Off for chassis OH 1626.

Mercedes Benz Certificate # BBA-005/10

On March 25th, 2010, PT Morodadi Prima received certificate no. BBA-005/10 from Mercedes Benz, acknowledging that PT Morodadi Prima has successfully passed all Quality Gate Assessment from: Design, Engineering, Production Process and Complete Bus Sign Off for chassis OH 1526 .

ISO 9001:2008 certification

PT. Morodadi Prima received  ISO 9001-2008 certfication from BSI on September 18th, 2012 .

BSI ( British Standard Institute) is the creator of  ISO systems which are used as an industry standard.

ISO 9001 -2008 is a quality management system. This is another proof of  PT. Morodadi Prima's commitment to their products.